Maimouna is a nonviolent activist and a co-founder of Syrian child protection network (Hurras). She is the current regional manager of Hurras offices in North Aleppo after forcibly displaced from East Ghout April 2018. In the past, she managed offices of the network in East Ghout and Deraa all aiming to establish a sustainable child protection system at the national level in Syria and ensure that all parties in our areas of work would follow international child rights standards, in order to achieve vision of reaching a society in which children enjoy a safe and happy childhood.
Ms. Maimouna was one of the first demonstrators that sparked Syrian uprising in 2011 and was arrested with her husband due to that. She co-founded the civic action organization “Syrian Nonviolence Movement (SNVM) April 2011 and was a main contributor to many of its activities till 2014.

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