2 weeks ago

    Shaima sales woman

    Shima was displaced from her hometown, Raqqa, when ISIS occupied it, and headed to Amouda, where she had to start…
    3 weeks ago

    Ruba Qatsha

    Ruba was detained twice in Syria. Afrer being released she went to Turkey, and started over and is now working…
    26 February، 2020

    Fatima Aref

    Fatima is a volunteer in the Syria Civil Defence – The White Helmets, her husband got out of the detention…
    4 February، 2020

    Rana Melhem

    From a housewife، Rana has turned into a nurse and then after attending a media training، she finally was able…
    21 January، 2020

    Mosaic Artist

    Om Muhamad has been making this beautiful mosaic art and making living out of it, for more than 13 years,…
    6 January، 2020


    Ezdihar was forcibly displaced from Aleppo city to Edlib, when arriving there and despite her personal trauma, she started working…
    16 December، 2019

    Ranim Electronics Repairer

    Ranim is the first woman in Raqqa to open a shop to repair mobile phones and electronics. By doing so,…
    4 December، 2019

    Jawhara The Peddler

    Jawhara is displaced from Dier Ezzor to Raqqa where she works as a peddler selling homemade sweets and corn. Her…
    26 November، 2019

    Batool Al Ahmad

    Batool is from Dier Ezzor, she works as a carpenter in wood shop which is an unusual work for woman…
    12 November، 2019

    Disabled Women

      17 May، 2018


      Responding to verbal harassment with a #hashtag #MeeToo Cartoonist Morhaf Youssef #Liberated_T
      16 April، 2018

      Patriarch authority

      Patriarch authority, simulating The Lion King – Musical scene. Made by Cartoonist Morhaf Youssef #Liberated_T
      25 December، 2017


      All our support 2 the brave women who challenged their prisoner by keeping free, defeated death by living and are…